The New Fashion Statement – Baby Changing Bags

Yes, you heard us. The latest fashion statement taking over the world is baby changing bags!
Gone are the days of dirty, stained baby changing bags. Mums of the world have had enough of carrying a bag that, most would agree, needs to be decomposed of by a specialist team. We all know how convenient it is to have a bag that has every single pocket, zip, strap that you would ever need to hold all of the necessary items you need for one trip out. But now you can ditch the pastel coloured zoo animals, and get yourself a bag that is both fashionable AND practical.

The New Fashion Statement - Baby Changing Bags

What do these bags have inside?

Now you can keep nappies and bottles at hand without sacrificing your sense of style. These new, stylish changing bags are as practical as ever with clever features including detachable mini bags for food storage or other belongings, changing mats and lots and lots of pockets.

These bags can now used as a fashion statement well after babies are out of nappies. They can be used for the gym, travel and general day bags – particularly the rucksacks styles.

Where can I get mine from?

Many big brands such as John Lewis, Gucci and Kate Spade are currently releasing their own versions of these changing bags. The prices from these particular retails range from $110 – $1150.

So if you fancy treating yourself (and the little one!) to a new bag, you can find a whole heap of them on the internet. If you have a favourite designer, keep your eyes peeled as they too might just jump on the bandwagon.