Kids Clubs – Why Your Child Will Thank You Later!

There aren’t many options for busy parents who need some spare time last minute. Intooit Kids Club is one of the few places that are there for you at the drop of a hat! 
Not only is Intooit here to benefit you as a parent, but our mission is to be there for your little ones too.

Intooit Kids Club - Why Your Child Will Thank You Later!

Need some time alone?

Do you want to take a walk, have a shopping spree, or you have unexpected meeting to attend? Or have you been invited out for some dinner and drinks with friends? We understand that you need time for yourself sometimes, and how difficult it can be to somewhere you can take your child without feeling guilty. That’s where we come in! Intooit will swoop in and save your child from the “boring” adult world. Transporting them to a place where they can make friends, play and learn all in a fun but safe environment.

Why should I take my child to daycare?

A new study confirms that kids who attend “high-quality, center-based childcare” actually exhibit better behaviors than those who don’t. Children who attended daycare for more than one year demonstrated better social skills and fewer peer-related difficulties. “Access to high-quality childcare in the first years of life may improve children’s emotional and cognitive development, prevent later emotional difficulties and promote prosocial behaviours,” Dr. Maria Melchior, co-author of the report, told Popsugar.

An extensive study by the U.S. National Institutes of Health found that young children had higher cognitive and academic achievement scores as teens if they spent time in high-quality daycare as young children. Of the more than 1,300 children studied, over 90 percent had been in the care of someone other than a parent before the age of 4.

Daycare environment enable kids to enjoy with each other in a safe, structured, and supervised environment. They learn problem-solving skills, share and learn and play together. Their minds will grow and their personalities emerge at the same time.

What kind of things do you offer?

Intooit has a great choice of activities and various zones for kids to get interested in at our Puerto Banus establishment. We have three different play areas:

  • The first one is for the little ones. It’s a safe and area adapted to their needs. In it, they can find a variety of educative and fun games suitable for their age.
  • The second area is focused on different kinds of activities. In it they will be able to find a reading space, free game area, the projector to watch movies and video games.
  • The last and the most requested area is the ball castle. Meters of fun where you can enjoy a slide, a ball pool, a zip-line and much more.

Our main focus is caring for your children at all times. Our trained staff ensure that they are healthy and happy while being entertained  through learning with a group of their peers. We understand that leaving your child can be daunting, therefore we offer a video conference so that you can check up on you loved ones at any time, keeping you totally calm.