Terms & Conditions

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Rental Policy
Any person or persons requesting to reserve INOOIT kids club for private event purposes must understand that in doing so they are entering into a legally binding rental agreement in which signatories are the responsible parties. Our rental policy dictates that signatories must be physically present throughout the duration of their confirmed reservation to fulfil the requirements of their rental agreement.

CCTV System
All interior areas of INTOOIT kids club are monitored by a CCTV system. The recordings are for safety control only and will be saved for a period of 10 days after initially recorded. Contract holders can request a copy of any CCTV recordings within the given timeframe by emailing our Head Office at Intooitkidsclub@gmail.com.

INTOOIT is wheelchair accessible for those are mobility impaired with direct access to each area of the venue, including water closet facilities. Our soft play zone is not recommended to those with certain physical impairments due to the risk of immobilisation. Lifts exist within Centro Comercial Cristamar to better assist families who may have children with disabilities reach our venue.

We offer a fully appointed changing station to service our clients with children in the pre-potty-training stages, keeping in mind the needs of our youngest visitors and their parents.

If your child is taking any medication, the liable parent/guardian is accountable for administering it responsibly while attending any event or party hosted at the premises of Intooit. If the medication requires special storage, we offer refrigeration upon request.

Accidents and Emergencies
In the event of an accident or emergency, there is an emergency exit located immediately opposite the entryway of Intooit with private stairwell leading to the street below. Clients are expected to dial 1-1-2 in any instance where they suspect emergency services should be dispatched. In the event of any minor incidences, we provide our clients and any party guests access to use our well appointed first aid kit.

Foods and Beverages
In respect of our clients who may suffer from food allergies or intolerances, we ask our clients to observe our rule of non-allowance pertaining to any food or drink brought into the club outside of what has been established as part of any events catering menu. This ensures the safety of our clients and all guests in attendance. Outside drinks such as coffee, juice, and water are permitted as part of our weekly playgroup sessions so long as they are adequately contained. Appropriate snacks, in this instance, are also permitted.

We offer mindful variations of many children’s toys at INTOOIT so discourage our clients from bringing their own to avoid any lost, damaged, or stolen property. In the event that your child would like to bring a personal item to our party venue, we strongly advise our clients to ensure those items are clearly labelled. Intooit cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged items brought from home.

Equal Rights
Intooit is an inclusive kids club, and we do our best to support diversity within our private venue. We do not discriminate against anyone based on their race, ethnicity, gender identity, or religious beliefs.