Club Restrictions


Intooit has the availability of accommodating up to 30 kids at a time. Therefore, it is very important parents/guardians follow the time booked. Understanding that inconveniences might happen, Intooit will not charge if children overstays the time booked by 15 minutes, but parents/guardians must inform our Head Office. Parents/guardians also have the opportunity to add a trusted collector (a relative, a friend or a taxi driver) into their online profile to prevent from their children overstaying, making sure other kids are not affected. After the tolerance time, parents/guardians will be charged for another full hour, and from the second hour of delay, a double price will be charged.

CCTV system

All the areas inside Intooit kids club are monitored by a CCTV system. The images are for safety control only. The recordings will be saved for a period of 10 days and can be requested at our Head Office.


Intooit is an inclusive kids club and we try to support all kids. If your children requires 1 to 1 support, Intooit permits that one parent, relative or babysitter accompanies them during their stay at the club. We can also arrange a specific professional, chargeable at an hourly rate.


If your kids are under any medication, we allow one parent/guardian to stay in for assistance. Please mind that our monitors are not allowed to medicate any children under any circumstances.

Accidents, emergencies

Parents/guardians must leave an easy reachable number to be contacted under an emergency situation. Intooit does not provide medical or nursery attendance inside our club.

Foods and beverages

No food or beverages bought outside the kid’s club is allowed inside Intooit. The club has a snack machine where kids have access to snacks or beverages. Parents/guardians can buy in advance credits for snacks or beverages.


Intooit offers the most advanced, safe and varied toys and games for kids. Particular toys are allowed in, but Intooit staff cannot be held responsible if they worsen, or get broken.