Missing Your Pre-Child Sleep? You’re Still Happier Than Non-Parents!

The latest studies show that parents of young children are happier than non-parents.

You probably miss your nights of uninterrupted sleep don’t you? We all know that good sleep is often considered to be the root of all happiness and well-being. Even though you might sometimes think that you were happier back then, the latest studies show that you definitely weren’t! Parents of toddlers might be surprised to know that even though they aren’t getting as much sleep as their non-parent pals, they are still happier.


How has this been proven?

A study by the National Centre for Social Research showed that even when disrupted sleep is taken into account, parents of young children are happier than non parents. This ranges from young toddlers to those with school-age children.

This is even for brand new parents, who are understandably having the least amount of sleep out of all parents. Broken sleep is outweighed by the joy of having young children around.

In fact, having a child under five years old adds 3.3 points to a person’s overall happiness score. The index gives people a score out of 100, with the average non-parent scoring 62.2, while a parent of a child under five scores 65.5. When researchers introduced the impact on sleep on parents of having young children, the gap narrowed slightly – but they were still happier than non-parents, or those who had older children.